A Short Biography of Sitagu Sayadaw Dr.Ashin Nyanissara

The founder of Sitagu Missionary Association,

The Principal of Sitagu Projects


1937 (M.E.1298) Born on 23rd Feb in Thegone Township, Bago Region, Myanmar.
1944 (M.E.1305) Studied Basic Buddhism Courses at Tat Ywa Ale Kyaung, Thegone.
1952 (M.E.1313) Joined into the monastic life as a novice.
1957 (M.E.1318) Ordained as a monk and learned Higher Buddhist Scriptures in Yangon, Mandalay and Sagaing.
1961 (M.E.1322) Acquired the Dhammacariya Degree ( The Master in The Dhamma).
1963 (M.E.1324) Enrolled in the Gabaraye Samgha University, Yangon, completed the Diploma in Buddha Desana Courses.
1966 (M.E.1327) Carried out the missionary tasks at B.B.M Collage, Laymyathna, Ayeyarwaddy Region.
1968 (M.E.1329) Studied the Buddhist Scriptures in English under the guidance of Anisakhan Sayardaw Sagaing.
1972 (M.E.1334) lived in seclusion in Thabaikaing Tawya Monastery, Paung Ts, Mon State and practiced meditation.
1977 (M.E.1338) Established his first and foremost monastery known as Saddhamma Sitagu and preached day and night for the sake of the Malon Rice Donation Association, Mandalay.
1980 (M.E.1342) Set up the Sitagu Missionary Association and initiated Sitagu Water Donation Project.
1981  (M.E.1343) Travelled around some Asian and European Countries and engaged in missionary tasks.
1983 (M.E.1345) Dwelled in Nashville, TN. U.S.A. There he not only studied Advanced English Courses in Vanderbilt University but also delivered lectures connected with Buddhism. That’s why his English teacher Dr. Ellen M Caldwell said, ‘Nyanissara is a teacher in Buddhism and a seeker in English.’
1984 (M.E.1346) Directed to build up ‘Sayambhu’ pagoda as a token of his victory of water donation project.
1987 (M.E.1347) Started the project of 100-bedded Sitagu Ayudana Hospital, Sagaing.
1991 (M.E.1351) Left for U.S.A and spent there for two years.
1992 (M.E.1352) Planned to set up the Sitagu International Buddhist Academy, Sagaing.
1993 (M.E.1355) Directed to build up ‘Santikar’  pagoda to mark the success of Sitagu Ayudana Hospital Project.
1994 (M.E.1356) Founded the Theravada Dhamma Society of America (TDSA), in Austin, TX, U.S.A.
1995 (M.E.1357) Bought (15) acres land in United States and built a monastery known as Sitagu Buddha Vihara.
1996 (M.E.1358) Honoured with the honorific title of Aggamahapandita by the Myanmar Government.
1996 (M.E.1358) Sitagu International Buddhist Academy (Sagaing) was Inaugurated to function.
1999 (M.E.1359) Directed to renovate the ‘Ratanankara’ pagoda to memorize the accomplishment of Sitagu International Budddhist Academy (Sagaing).
1999 (M.E.1359) Attended the Buddhist Conference held in Germany.
1999 (M.E.1359) Participated the conference on ‘The parliament of world religious’ held in South Africa.
1999 (M.E.1359) Inaugurated Sitagu Eye Care Hospital at Pantanaw in Ayeyarwaddy Region.
2000 (M.E.1362) Participated the Millennium World Peace Summit of Religious and Spiritual Leaders held in United Nations, New York, U.S.A (28th – 31st August).
2000 (M.E.1362) Played important role in the World Buddhist Conference held in Thailand on 9th – 13th November.
2002 (M.E.1364) Took part in the World Buddhist Conference held in Phnom-penh, Cambodia (5th – 9th December).
2003 (M.E.1365) The Doctorate degree (Honoris Causa) was conferred upon him by the University of Yangon.
2004 (M.E.1366) Organized the World Buddhist Summit in Yangon, Myanmar. In the Conferrence 300 participants from 38 countries attended.
2005 (M.E.1367) The Honorary Ph.D Degree was conferred upon him by the Mahachulalongkornrajavidyalaya University, Thailand.
2006 (M.E.1368) Contributed to the first World Buddhist Forum in Hangzhou, China.
2006 (M.E.1367) Met with the President of India, Dr. A.P.J Ambdul Kalam when he paid a state visit to Myanmar. (9th March 2006)
2006 (M.E.1367) Inaugurated the Sitagu Dhammavihara in Minnesota, U.S.A.
2006 (M.E.1368) Visited to Pakistan twice as a religious ambassador and met religious minister and minister for tourism and discussed about cultural exchange, mutual relationships and maintenance of historical sites.
2006 (M.E.1368) Gave a speech on International Buddhist Conference on the United Nations Day of Vesak in Thailand (7th – 10th May).
2006 (M.E.1368) Founded the Sitagu International Buddhist Missionary Centre in Yangon.
2007 (M.E.1368) Met with the President of Sri Lanka, H.E. Mahinda Rajapaksa.
2007 (M.E.1368) Organized the Association of Theravada Buddhist Universities (ATBU) and Sitagu sayadaw was appointed as Chairman.
2007 (M.E.1369) Inaugurated Sitagu International Buddhist Academy (Yangon Campus).
2008 (M.E.1369) Contributed (9) billion worth humanitarian aids to the victims of Cyclone Nargis; claiming ‘Compassion into Action’.
2008 (M.E.1370) Inaugurated Sitagu Eye Care Hospital at Thipaw in Northern Shan State.
2008 (M.E.1370) The Honorary Ph.D Degree was conferred upon him by the Nava Nalanda University, India.
2008 (M.E.1370) The title of Visitthapuggala Sakalarattha Sasanopakara (the special one; the benefactor of the entire country and Buddha’s Dispensation) was conferred upon him by the Samgharaja of Whwekyin Sect, Myanmar.
2009 (M.E.1371) The Second biennial conference of Association of Theravada Buddhist Universities was hosted at Sitagu International Buddhist Academy, Sagaing in March.
Note : More than (700) participants from (27) Theravada Buddhist Universities of (22) countries participated in the meeting.
2009 (M.E.1371) The Honorary Ph.D Degree was conferred upon him by the Mahamakut Buddhist University of Thailand.
2009 (M.E.1371) The title of Aggamahamangala Dhamma-jotikadhaja was conferred upon him by Yong Mens Buddhist Association (Y.M.B.A) in August.
2009 (M.E.1371) Started to activate the Sitagu Buddhist Academy (Mandalay Campus).
2009 (M.E.1371) Participated in the fourth Conference on Interfaith Dialogue in October at Jerusalem, Israel.
The fourth conference on Interfaith dialogue at Jearusalem (18-10-2009 to 22-10-2009)
2009 (M.E.1371) Inaugurated Sitagu Eye Care Hospital at Kalay in Sagaing Region in December.
2010 (M.E.1371) Inaugurated Sitagu (Tetlan) Eye Care Hospital at Mintat in Chin State in December.
2010 (M.E.1372) Managed to renovate ‘Makkhaya Zeegongyi’ pagoda in February.
2010 (M.E.1372) Directed to build ‘Shwezeegon’ pagoda in Texas, U.S.A.
2010 (M.E.1372) Initiated the project of Sitagu International Vipassana Academy in Sagaing.
2010 (M.E.1372) Inaugurated Sitagu (Dipinkara) Eye Care Hospital at Natmauk in Magway Region on 4th January.
2010 (M.E.1372) Inaugurated Sitagu (Brahmayu) General Hospital at Sadaung in Sagaing Region in February.
2010 (M.E.1372) A special eye care programme was conducted at Lokekaing in Wa- Koekant special region.
2010 (M.E.1372) Attended Inauguration Ceremony of the International Buddhist Centre (30th -31st October), held in Taman Alan, Lumbini, Brastagi, North Sumatra, Indonesia and played a leading part in the World Buddhist Summit. In the conference more than 1500 Theravada & Mahayana Buddhist monks participated.
2011 (M.E.1372) Attended ‘Multiple Religious Conference’ held at United Nations.
2011 (M.E.1372) Inaugurated Sitagu (A rojadana) General Hospital at Dawei in Tanintharyi Region on 12th February.
2011 (M.E.1372) Inaugurated Sitagu (Shwe Pyi Hein) Eye Care Hospital at Tarmway in Yangon Region on 27th February.
2011 (M.E.1372) Managed to renovate ‘Sagaing Mahazeegongyi’ pagoda on 19th March.
2011 (M.E.1372) Contributed 210 million Kyats to 21 monasteries that had been wrecked in earthquake in Tahlay, Eastern Shan State on 24th March.
2011 (M.E.1372) Inaugurated Sitagu General Hospital at Inle-Ywama in Shan State in April.
2011 (M.E.1372) Provided 200 million Kyats to built Cyclone Shelters in Rakhing State in April.
2011 (M.E.1373) Inaugurated Sitagu Eye Care Hospital at Thegone in Bago Region in April.
2011 (M.E.1373) Gave a speech at United Nations, New York, U.S.A on 16th June.
2011 (M.E.1373) Inaugurated Sitagu Samghavihara in Florida, U.S.A.
2011 (M.E.1373) On 10th November, Provided the necessities to rebuilt (13) monasteries and (13) reservoirs that had been wrecked in Cyclone Nargis in Pyinsaluu Islands, Ngaputaw Ts, Ayeyarwaddy Region.
2011 (M.E.1373) Met with Pope Benedict XVI at International Conference held on 27th October in St. Peter’s School, Vatican Palace, Rome, Italy.
2011 (M.E.1373) Inaugurated Sitagu Eye care Hospital at Myitkyinar in Kachin State on 1st November.
2011 (M.E.1373) Inaugurated Nan Thilar Myaing Sitagu Ayudana Hospital at Nan Thilar Myaing Special Region in Kayin State on 13th November.
2011 (M.E.1373) Met with Dalai Lama at World Buddhist Congregation (27th – 30th November) held in New Delhi, India and planted Bo-Tree in the Gandhi Memorial Park.
2011 (M.E.1373) Delivered a sermon under the Bo-Tree on 1st December.
2011 (M.E.1373) Attended Asian Festival of Buddhist culture (Dec 15th – 17th) Seam Tuon, Cambodia.
2011 (M.E.1373) Inaugurated Sitagu Eye Care Hospital at Loikaw in Kayah State on 20th December.
2012 (M.E.1374) Donated medical clinic and medical equipments to the Roman Catholic Church in Loikaw, Kayah state.
2012 (M.E.1374) Without Distinction caste, color and creed donated medical clinic and medical equipments to the Roman Catholic Church in Myitkyinar, Kachin State.
2012 (M.E.1374) Gave helping hands for the development of Naga special region in Sagaing region.
2012 (M.E.1374) Met with the Ambassador of the United States of America, Mr. Derek Mitchell.
2012 (M.E.1374) Donated to build ‘Shwezeegon’ pagoda in Ladak, India.
2012  (M.E.1374) Inaugrated Sitagu Eye Care Hospital at Putao, Kachin State.
2012 (M.E.1374) Inaugrated Sitagu Eye Care Hospital at Myingyan, Mandalay Region.
2012 (M.E.1374) Inaugrated Sitagu Eye Care Hospital at Namkham in Northern Shan State in November.
2012 (M.E.1374) Conducted a research seminar on ‘Buddhist Cultural Heritage’ at Sitagu International Buddhist Academy (Yangon) in 15th December.
2012 (M.E.1374) Inaugurated Sitagu Eye Care Hospital at Thandwe in Yakhine region in January.
2013 (M.E.1374) The replica of Shwezeegon Pagoda was newly constructed in Austin, Texas, U.S.A on 12th April 2012 and accomplished on 4th June (Mahasamaya Day).
2013 (M.E.1374) Inauguration and consecration ceremony of aforesaid pagoda is held on 3rd – 4th April 2013. More than (100) monks from both Theravada and Mahayana countries (China, Korea, Tibet and Vietnam) participated.


  • He has written (96) books in Myanmar and (56) books in English since he was thirty-two.
  • He has delivered discourses under more than 5000 titles since 1969.
  • 15th, 16th and 17th Sangha conferences of whole Shwegin sects were organized by Sitagu sayadaw.
  • Also managed to construct (18) Hospitals, (40) primary and middle schools while renovating (250) wrecked pagodas.
  • He has been supporting more than (30) medical students from Mandalay and Magwe medical institutes.
  • He has been supporting 40 post-graduate Myanmar monk- students from India, Srilandka, Thailand, U.S.A and U.K Universities.













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